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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

John GBA : Game Boy Advance emulator for android

Hello again folks, am back with another tutorial, this time we will try a Game Boy Advance Emulator : John GBA Lite (GBA Emulator). It will be a real quick tutorial as the emulator is already easy to use and doesn’t requires some advanced skills to get it working. Like the previous tutorials, i will try to make it as clear as possible Winking including a snapshot for every step so you wouldn't get confused Confused.

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  1. Requirements :

    First, lets list the necessary tools to play games on our phones :

Time out Once you got the games (ROM File) make sure  it’s isn’t an archive file (archive file name ends with .7Z or .RAR or .ZIP), if that’s the case, you need to extract the ROM file first, here is a small tutorial about extracting ROM files How to extract ROM files
  1. Running the games :

    Yup, we are already at this stage unlike the other tutorials, no need for tweaks and tricks for this emulator to get on the right track Whew. So, now i have the ROM files (games) : “Pokemon Emerald.gba” and “Zelda : A link to the Past.zip” located under my downloads folder. We need to start the emulator :

    When launched for the first time, the emulator will try to search for the games stored in your phone, this is a long process and it will take some time to finish depending on your phone memory, I have a 16 Go internal memory which will take some time for the app to go through every folder searching for the games. A better way to do this, is to cancel the search process by clicking the “return button”, then click the “browse button” (The folder icon at the top right) :

    Now you need to browse to the folder where your games are stored, it’s downloads for my case, once found, click “Select Here” Button :

    Now we are back at the home screen, click the “search button” (magnifier icon) and the games should show up if the right folder is selected earlier :

    Finally select one of the games and it should starts :

And that’s it Whew, now you can enjoy playing your Game Boy Advance games on your phone Dancing. I hope it was clear, see you again in another tutorial and please don’t forget Dohto rate our app Any Emulator BIOS to support us.