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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

List Of Consoles

Welcome to Gemini Android Apps's blog Wave , As many users of our app Any Emulator BIOS found it a little bit tricky Confused to configure their emulators with the provided BIOS files, we decided  to create this blog which will include a step by step tutorials about running emulators on android devices. We will try to include all the possible android apps and cover as many emulators as we can. Given that our blog is still under construction , if you couldn't find a tutorial for your emulator just send us a link for the app :

Contact us or by email geminiandroidapps@gmail.co.

To start, please select your console from the list below :

PlayStation (PSX1) Emulators
PlayStation Emulator

  PSP Emulators

Nintendo DS Emulators

Game Boy Advance (GBA) Emulators

NeoGeo Emulators [New Tutorials]

Game Boy Color (GBC) Emulators

Sega Game Gear Emulators

Sega Genesis

Sega CD Emulators
Coming Soon
Sega Dreamcast Emulators
Coming Soon
Sega Saturn Emulators
Coming Soon
Atari Lynx Emulators
Coming Soon
Atari ST Emulators
Coming Soon
Atari Jaguar Emulators

Panasonic 3DO Emulators
Coming Soon