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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nds4Droid : Free Nintendo DS emulator for Android


Hi, today we are going to try another Nintendo DS emulator, but this time it’s a free one. Like the previous tutorials,i will try to make it as clear as possible Winking including a snapshot for every step so you wouldn't get confused Confused.

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  1. Requirements :

    First, lets list the necessary tools to play games on our phones :
    • Nds4Droid : First, we need to install the emulator on our android devices, here is the link of the app on android app store : Nds4Droid.
    • Any Emulator BIOS : Nope, not this time, while trying this emulator, the app didn’t ask for a BIOS file, may be it has it’s own .
    • Any Emulator Game : the last thing to do is getting the games, well the proper name is ROMS. How to get them?? we will need to install Any Emulator Game that will help us find them, here is the link for the app Any Emulator Game . Here is also a small quick tutorial that will show how to use it Getting Roms with Any Emulator Game.

Time out Once you got the games (ROM File) make sure  it’s isn’t an archive file (archive file name ends with .7Z or .RAR or .ZIP), if that’s the case, you need to extract the ROM file first, here is a small tutorial about extracting ROM files How to extract ROM files
  1. running the games :

    First, we run the emulator nds4droid :

When launched for the first time, the emulator will search for all the ROM files (Games) stored in your phone :

Once done, it will shows a list of the games that have been found (if you got an empty list Sighmake sure that your ROM files are properly extracted and have a .NDS extension, have a look at this tutorial for more details How to extract ROM files)


Now you just need to click on the game you want to play and it would start :



And that’s it Whew, now you can enjoy playing your Nintendo DS games on your phone Dancing. Although, it runs at slow speed and a bit laggy, this is the best free NDS emulator for android I could find. But if you are capable of spending some money I would recommend DraStic NintendoDS Emulator For Android which is quite amazing and runs the games at full speed.

That’s it for today, I hope it was clear and easy to follow tutorial, see you again in another tutorial and please don’t forget Dohto rate o
ur app Any Emulator BIOS.