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Monday, September 16, 2013

Any Emulator ROMS

Hi, it has been a while since i wrote the last tutorial, mainly because I was busy during the last two weeks working on a new app, well since I’ve got many requests asking for the best way to get the games, I decided to make an app that will help you out finding the ROM files you are looking for. Now, that it’s ready, this will be a quick review/tutorial for my new app : As always, I will try to keep it as easy as possible so anyone can follow up easily.

By the way, if you have any issues/problems about configuring or running your emulators you can check my tutorials over here Emulators Tutorials, if you can't find a tutorial about your emulator:

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  1. Requirements :

  2. Running the app :

    Any Emulator ROMS includes a list games for the consoles below :
    - Atari 2600
    - Atari 5200
    - Atari 7800
    - Atari Jaguar
    - Atari Lynx
    - Commodore 64
    - CPS1
    - CPS2
    - Gameboy Advance
    - Gameboy Color
    - MAME
    - Neo Geo
    - Neo Geo CD
    - Neo Geo Pocket
    - Nintendo
    - Nintendo 64
    - Nintendo DS
    - Nintendo Gamecube
    - PC ENGINE (when using google search engine)
    - PSP (when using google search engine)
    - Sega CD
    - Sega Dreamcast
    - Sega Game Gear
    - Sega Genesis
    - Sega Master System
    - Sega Model 2
    - Sega Saturn
    - Sony Playstation
    - Super Nintendo
    - Bandai Wonderswan
    - Bandai Wonderswan Color
    - Nintendo Famicom
    - Nintendo Virtual Boy
    - Panasonic 3DO
    and much more...
First when you run the app you will notice that there is a search engine that you will have to choose from, for now it’s either google or coolRom, I will try to add more to cover more consoles, while google is more generic and will provides many random links Hypnotized, coolrom (Default search engine) is straight to the point and will deliver instantly what you are looking for Winking :

Next thing to do is to select the console and click browse button, this will list all the games for the selected console, you can use the text field at the top to search or filter the list :

When you select a game, you will prompted to the game details screen, when you will be able to see some screenshots of the game, browse for other images for the games with the “show more snapshots” button, look for an emulator with the “Look for an emulator” button and search for the game with the “Search for game” Button which when you click on it will direct you to the search engine result page (for this example coolrom) :

  1. CoolRom Search Engine :

If you have chose CoolRom search engine, select the game, and scroll down until you see the download button :

Click on it and you will get the game :

  1. Emuparadise Search Engine :

If you have chose Emuparadise search engine, select from the search result the ROM file to download, as you can see emuparadise offers ROMS for different regions (E) for Europe, (U) for USA, (J) for Japan, etc...

Now scroll down and click the link "8-Download Links" :

Scroll down until you reach "Direct Download Links" and click the Download link (Download Resident Evil 3 for our example):

Finally, scroll down to "Direct Download" and click the Rom download link, and the download should start :

And that’s it Whew, i hope this tutorial was clear, see you again in another tutorial and please don’t forget Dohto rate our apps Gemini Apps to support us.

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