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Sunday, September 1, 2013

RetroArch Android : Multi Console emulator for Android – Part I : NeoGeo Emulators

Hi, welcome back to another android tutorial, this time we will be covering a new kind of emulator, it’s not just one, but a plenty of them in one application : RetroArch Android, this is the first part of the tutorial/review where we will try the Arcade Emulator, Mame , NeoGeo… what ever you would like to call it Winking. As always, I will try to keep it as easy as possible so anyone can follow up easily.

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  1. Requirements :

    First, lets list the necessary tools to play games on our phones :
    • RetroArch Android : First, we need to install the app on our android devices, here is the link of the app on android app store : RetroArch Android. It's Free btw  Winking.
    • Any Emulator BIOS : This a necessary tool for the emulator to work, we will need it to generate a file called BIOS which is necessary to run the games, here is the link for the app : Any Emulator BIOS.
    Time out “ A what?? a BIOS?? what the heck is a BIOS file?? ”
    Nerd “ BIOS - that is the shortcut for Basic Input/Output System : that's there the name comes from! You can think of a BIOS as a set of instructions to jump start the Emulator .Without it, you will not be able to play the games.”
    Chatterbox“ Enough with the BLAA BLAA BLAA!! ME WANNA PLAY!!Angry
  2. Generating the BIOS file :

    After installing the app Any Emulator BIOS, launch the app from the home screen :

    Select "NeoGeo Bios" from the list then press browse :

    Any Emulator Bios

    Now we choose where to generate the BIOS file, click the "Browse" button and choose the folder to which the BIOS file will be generated then press "Select", you can keep the default value which is the root of your Internal Storage :

    Any Emulator Bios

    After specifying where to generate the BIOS file, click Generate Bios Files :

    Once done, use a file manager to verify that the BIOS files were successfully generated, a folder called “NeoGeo Bios” should be created under the specified folder earlier :

    within it, we can find the BIOS files (neogeo.zip) :

    Now we need to move the generated Bios fileneogeo.zip to the same folder as your game files folder (this is crucial for the emulator to run). Since, am used to place my games into a folder named “ROMS” I will move the generated Bios file to that folder, For that am going to use my default file manager in my Galaxy S2 (if you don’t have a file manager installed, try ES File Explorer File Manager and try to do the same steps) :

    First browse to the the folder NeoGeo Bios  where you can locate the BIOS file “neogeo.zip” :

    now select it to move it :

    And paste it under the folder that contains your game files :

    And that’s it, that wasn’t hard I guess Whew, the BIOS files are ready, now we can proceed to the next step.
  3. Configuring the emulator & running the games :

    At this point, we have the bios file and the ROM files located under the same folder “ROMS”. Now we need to run the emulator :

    At the home screen of the emulator, select “load game” :

    Now the app shows a list of emulators to choose between, select “Final Burn Alpha” :

    Now we need to browse to the folder where the Bios file and the ROM files (games) are stored:

    Now you just have to select the game file to start the game :

    And that’s it Whew, now you can live the old arcade games right on your phone Dancing. This was the first part of my review for this app, there will be others to come soon where i will try to explain how to setup each emulator. I hope this tutorial was clear, see you again in another tutorial and please don’t forget Dohto rate our app Any Emulator BIOS to support us.